What if I Don’t Want to go to Heaven?


This one is going to be controversial, some sensitive people will get butthurt. So let me get some caveats out of the way. I respect everyone’s religion and right to worship. I also respect your right to get offended???. Anyways, tukueni serious. To the good Lord above, I’m just another confused sinner, with a horrible sense of humor. Now that we are all on the same page, let’s do this.

What if I don’t want to go to heaven?

You see, according to Revelations 7:4 very few people will see the gates of heaven. A number, 144,000, has been thrown around. I’m no expert so I’ll just assume we’ll be few there. Yeah, you read that right, I’ll be there too. So here’s my confusion, what if I qualify to go to heaven but still don’t want to go? What then? Because given a choice to spend eternity with people I don’t know and to burn together with the people I care about, those that brought me up, sacrificed a lot for me and who we shared cries and laughs including my kids… I think I’ll go for my crowd. Unless we won’t be who we are in heaven as on earth, which brings up so many more questions. I mean, who am I without my parents, friends, relatives and the people around me? Is that even me anymore?

Another question, is heaven made of Gold? If so, why? Why not Diamond or Silver or good old Earth? Because I’m not a very big fun of gold.

Why the F**k did he have to kill first born Egyptians?

NIV, Exodus 9:12 says, “But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart and he would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had said to Moses.” So my question is this good people; What. The. F**k? Like, come on, you harden Pharaoh’s heart whilst in the process send 10 plagues affecting all Egyptians, including killing all first born sons. If you are innocent, f**k you, He doesn’t care. If your parents were innocent, no sh!t, you still get the middle finger. And then He sends the same Moses down Mt. Sinai with 10 commandments and guess what the 6th commandment says; Thou Shall Not Kill ?. Somebody help me here..

Alafu Adam and Eve, what happened to forgiving 70*7 times?

So the story goes, everyone on earth, those yet to come and all that have ever lived are suffering because of some fruit. I can’t even ??‍♂️. Alafu those who ask for forgiveness a few moments before dying will go to heaven. Does this even make sense?

Now I know they say His ways are mysterious and that we can’t understand Him (remember we are created in His image) but man. Anyway, as my people say, everyone to eat their own tomatoes.

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Ken Juma

Thinker of thoughts, lover of life.. and death too.

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