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Thinker of thoughts, lover of life.. and death too.

Lord this I pray..

Lord I know we’ve not been the biggest of friends since I’m not the most religious person, but I won’t be a true scientist if I do not admit that I could be wrong. It’s unscientific to not doubt. So in case I’m wrong I hope this somehow reaches you. I know I have no rights having denied your existence, but it is what it is, so here’s my prayer.. I pray you give me thoughtful friends and not...

A Tale of Secrets, Shame and Self Confidence

The cutest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.Anonymous We all have secrets we haven’t shared. A past no one knows about. Weaknesses and insecurities we hide from the world. A story we’d rather not talk about. A tale we think would make us unworthy. Truths that will hurt. Hurt badly. But, don’t...

How to M(F)ake it in Kenya! (Chapter 1)

It’s Friday, social media is abuzz with people posting pics and events they are attending and will be attending throughout the weekend. This makes you feel inadequate, perhaps cursed, or maybe the devil is blocking your blessings. Regardless, you can’t take this lying down, these people should know how much of a hard worker you are, and that your G(g)od – however you like your G (Caps...

First letter to my son(s): What makes a man?

What defines a man? A man is not defined by his material possession, nay, a man is defined by his generator; where he derives his philosophy of life, what many call his core. For a good core will generate a good man, the reverse is true. A man is not to be defined by the easy and happy times, for any fool can masquerade as a man in merry times. However, a man is to be defined by his ability to...


Full disclosure; I identify as a stoic, at least for now. It means, albeit philosophically, that I’m obsessed with death, that I aim to live with no fear of death. I look at our bodies as decaying matter, and those obsessed with it as self-morticians. Do with that information as you please, now let’s go. Of all the equalizers, death is the ultimate; rich or poor, old or young, the writing is on...


Ken Juma

Thinker of thoughts, lover of life.. and death too.

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