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Today, everyone is #blessed and #slaying. Everyone is perfect. No one struggles anymore, no one has pimples, or stretch marks. Everybody just eats awesome meals in high end restaurants and fly across the world. We have been made to believe that showing an a$$ full of implants is being confident while a child breastfeeding is disgusting. F**k all of you!

That’s the main point of this blog. To say f**k you. I’m not trying to change things, I know I’m too insignificant for that, but I shall say my piece. This blog is a space where I, and any other guest writer, can go on a rant about sh!t that doesn’t make sense, air unpopular opinions or teach us something you find interesting. We’ll also talk business. Lots of business. Rarely as an expert, mostly about my failures so we can laugh at them.

The idea is to stay woke and filter out the BS. To laugh at our imperfections. To admit that we all have flaws and that’s ok. This blog is about liberation, freeing yourself from the yolks of the system. So that you can spend your life time, short as is, trying to live freely. This blog is not a guide to life, it doesn’t hold any special keys, it’s simply an attempt to offer an alternative perspective.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy reading, together with other entertaining and informative pieces, buckle up boy, you are in for a ride.

P/S: As you scour through the blog, keep in mind that English is my third language. I first think in dholuo, maybe some Kiswahili along the way before I fully translate it to English. So be kind. Also, just like in the Bible (pun intended) I will not struggle to make my references (pronouns) gender sensitive, if that offends you, I’m sorry. Most importantly, I am a man of many flaws, many many flaws. I claim no perfection, so don’t be scared to tell me off, point at my flaws and correct me.

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Ken Juma

Thinker of thoughts, lover of life.. and death too.


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By Ken Juma

Ken Juma

Thinker of thoughts, lover of life.. and death too.

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