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Death and Grief

Full disclosure; I identify as a stoic, at least for now. It means, albeit philosophically, that I’m obsessed with death, that I aim to live with no fear of death. I look at our bodies as decaying matter, and those obsessed with it as self-morticians. Do with that information as you please, now...

You are not special, no one is..

You are not special

“You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” Chuck Palahniuk Let me tell you a little story about you and me. The very fact that you are you and I’m me is all but chance. From the probability of your mother and...

It’s ok to breakup

break up

“You can’t have a real relationship until you are willing to not have a relationship.”Susan Pease Gadoua Just take a second and think about it, two total strangers, each from very different backgrounds with secrets and childhood issues “Fall in love” and head over to a church to...

Tales of a Kenyan prostitute…

Tales of a Kenyan Prostitute

It’s almost 1:30 am and this is my first client. It’s one of them slow days. Is the economy tough or this isn’t just my night? We went back and forth on price. Almost made me feel like I’m begging him. I had to accept the amount he offered, slightly below my minimum. Yes I have a...

Everything comes to an end, eventually.


Empires, big and small have come and gone; The Holy Roman Empire, The Vast Ottoman Empire and even the Great British Empire are all but done and dusted. A figment of the past. Sheer memory, a distant one even. At their peak, they seemed invisible. Vast and powerful, they seemed destined to last...


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